Brighton, MA

Colantonio performed renovation work on this 56,000 square-foot building while it was occupied by Nano Terra, Inc., a nanotechnology laboratory.

The project called for the removal of the existing windows, which contained asbestos caulking, and the installation of new curtain wall.  However, the lab had experiments in progress which could not be interrupted by dust, humidity or temperature.  Every day, to prevent any adverse effects on the lab, Colantonio erected a fully enclosed and sealed interior partition around the construction work in progress.  Each morning, three sections of windows were taken down and replaced by the end of the day.

Colantonio phased the work in coordination with the building owner and tenant.  Once completed, cosmetic interior changes were made to accommodate the work performed, such as painting, new ceilings and floorings.

The project was designed by Haynes, Lieneck & Smith.