Hopkinton, MA

Downtown Hopkinton boasts this new, 21,000 square foot police station designed by the Carell Group, featuring up-to-date holding cells and sally port, detective and investigation areas, meeting rooms and locker rooms, storage space, driveways and parking area.

This phased project required the existing police station at the front of the building lot to stay fully functional until the new station was built.  Extensive asbestos and hazardous removal was performed prior to the demolition of the former building.  After the demolition, the police staff and operations were moved into the new station followed by the completion of the hardscape and landscape.

The site's extremely high water table presented challenges.  Colantonio adhered to the strict Order of Conditions issued by the local Conservation Commission for the project, which is located next to wetlands. We ensured that de-watering activities were thoroughly completed for the foundation and utility trenching work.  We also imported suitable soils to replace the large volume of organic matter found in the existing soils.