Shawsheen Regional Technical High School

Billerica, MA

Colantonio renovated the space formerly occupied by the school’s diesel and automotive program to accommodate the needs of the new health and life sciences curriculum. The program includes labs for three disciplines: medical technicians, dental assistants and nursing assistants, which are contained in separate suites. Each suite incorporates aspects required for the instruction of curriculum.

The med-tech labs incorporate long counters with power and network outlets readily available for various pieces of equipment. The dental labs include perimeter casework and sinks with movable tables for flexible workstations. The dental suite also contains a fully functional operatory with four dental chairs and digital X-ray machines. The nursing labs include long walls for treatment beds and perimeter casework with sinks. Skylights were incorporated to maximize natural light in spaces where windows could not be installed.

The project, designed by KBA Architects, was featured in 2012 Educational Interiors, Vocational/Industrial Arts.

Photo credit:  Bruce T. Martin