Colantonio Rebuilds Gallagher Terminal Garage in Lowell

Colantonio Inc. has begun a $7 million reconstruction of the Gallagher I Garage at the Gallagher Intermodal Transportation Center in Lowell.   The terminal serves as a hub for the Lowell Regional Transportation Authority’s (LRTA) bus and van services and as an MBTA commuter rail station serving 14 surrounding communities.    

The 350-space garage is 30 years old and in critical need of repairs.  Colantonio is replacing the existing concrete deck slabs, curbs, and sidewalks, and putting in all new structural steel members, lighting, drainage and a fire alarm system.  Woburn-based Bayside Engineering designed the project, which will be completed by April 2015. 

“This job presents a great challenge to Colantonio because the work must be done in the midst of a very busy bus and commuter rail facility,” said Tom Henderson, Transit Consultant for the LRTA, who is managing the project.   “It calls for a skilled, professional, first class contractor.  The LRTA knows from experience that Colantonio is such a firm.”

“In 2011, Colantonio replaced the LRTA’s bus facility roof and installed a 1,911-panel solar array as a major feature of the restoration,” Henderson continued.   “They performed the work on time and under budget.  We were thrilled that, as the result of a very spirited public bidding process, Colantonio won this current project.  We were especially pleased to learn that Colantonio Project Manager Kim Joyce, who managed the roof replacement job, would oversee the Gallagher garage project, too.  She is truly one of the best in the business.”