Colantonio Renovates Maple Street Field at Framingham State University

Colantonio, Inc. is set to begin renovations to Framingham State University’s Maple Street Field in early May.

Construction Manager Colantonio is teamed up with designer Pfeufer Richardson Architects and landscape architect A.T. Leonard & Associates to make significant improvements to benefit athletes and fans alike. The Framingham State Rams football team will return in August to a new synthetic turf practice field, which has been plagued with drainage problems in the past. Colantonio will have the new synthetic turf softball field, next to the practice football field, ready for the spring 2015 softball season. In the meantime, the firm will replace the existing bleacher and press box system, concession and storage buildings, fencing, netting and scoreboards to meet NCAA Division III standards. Landscape improvements include new access routes for cars and pedestrians.

Colantonio has performed over a dozen renovation projects at Framingham State University including the award-winning D. Justin McCarthy College Center, the Helen Heineman Ecumenical and Cultural Center, and Dwight Hall.