• 4 years with Colantonio
  • 22 years construction experience
  • Northeasatern University, Construction Management Coursework
  • MA Construction Supervisor's License
  • City of Boston Class B/C Builder's License
  • OSHA 30-Hour Safety Certification

Scott Gentilhomme, Project Superintendent

Scott joined Colantonio in November 2012 with 18 years experience as a Project Superintendent with former employers Northeast Interiors, Suffolk Construction and EMJ Corporation.  Meticulously detail-oriented, he specializes in historic restorations, historic adaptive reuse projects and occupied renovations.  Scott, a talented trouble-shooter, has an impressive history of taking over struggling projects to successfully get them back on schedule.  "You can't worry about hurting feelings," he says.  "You break the job down in detail, lay it all out, and tally up the material, manpower and time needed to complete each task. Then you hit it every single day or report it immediately."  

Scott's other secrets to success are to: "be organized; have good recall; listen to others' problems; and know how to deal with people.  Some you can push and push; others, you can't."  He recently wrapped up the Fitchburg Yarn Works, an historical mill renovation.  When he has time off, Scott heads "somewhere warm" with his family.