Established in 1978, Colantonio is a $75 million, award-winning construction manager and general contractor based in Holliston, Massachusetts, specializing in the academic, affordable housing, municipal and historical restoration markets.  

In these volatile times, we offer our clients the benefits of stability, self performance and a family culture.



We have steadily grown over the past 40 years by focusing on the highest quality of work, strong relationships with project stakeholders and low personnel turnover.  Our project management and field staffs are among the best in the business.  We will be here long after your project is complete to stand by our work.


Self Performance

We can perform the carpentry and site work ourselves, which gives us more control over cost, schedule and quality.  Site work, the critical first step of the construction process, may represent 8-12% of your total project cost.  When we do the work, you avoid the secondary market markup.  For the rough and finished carpentry, we offer highly skilled union carpenters that have been with Colantonio for more than 20 years.  Their meticulous work is the finished product that you will enjoy for generations.   


Family Culture

We are both a team and a family at Colantonio.  CEO Fran Colantonio and President George Willwerth provide a supportive work environment, where employees are respected and their opinions valued.  In-house birthday luncheons - aka “bonding time” - are mandatory and sometimes cooked by Fran himself.

Our family culture fosters team chemistry, which translates to high productivity and a smooth construction process.  We focus on collaboration with our owners, architects and subcontractors on every project.  You can count on us to do the right thing throughout the planning and construction process to ensure your project's success.