Established in 1978, Colantonio is a $75 million firm offering preconstruction, general contracting and construction management services.  We specialize in the academic, affordable housing, municipal and historical restoration markets, with a focus on complex renovations.

In these competitive times, we offer our clients the benefits of experience, self performance and low personnel turnover.



Given that our Project Managers average 24 years of construction experience and our Project Superintendents average 32 years, every one of our projects is assigned an "A" team.  These teams are supported by a crew of highly skilled union carpenters that have been with the company for more than 20 years.


Self Performance

Unlike most comparable firms today, Colantonio self performs in many trades, including site work and carpentry.  First-hand knowledge of the work gives us the edge on minimizing costs, controlling the schedule and ensuring the highest quality of work.


Low Personnel Turnover

Colantonio has a seven-year average employee turnover rate of 8%, compared to the industry average of 20%.  There is little chance that your project will be interrupted by any change in personnel.