John Hobson

Senior Project Manager

  • 9 years with Colantonio
  • 48 years construction experience
  • United States Coast Guard, Fireman First class
  • American Society for Healthcare Engineering
  • CleanEdison LEED Green Associate Course
  • Healthcare Construction Certification
  • OSHA 10-Hour Safety Certification

John has 46 years experience managing large academic, commercial, industrial, residential, hospitality, and health care projects for former employers Cutler Associates, Payton Construction and ZVI Construction. John is currently managing the McCormack Building Immediate Needs project.

John likes the out-of-the-ground aspect of new construction projects like the Field Elementary School in Weston, where challenges like subsurface conditions, boulders, water and the precise placement of footings kept him on his toes.  “The foundation has to be perfect for the project to work,” he says.  “It’s satisfying to guide that process.”  John also appreciates the process of grape fermentation, trekking to Napa Valley every year to nourish his passion for fine wine. He and his wife live in western Massachusetts and have two grown children who, for now, live near by.