Our Services

Colantonio offers a range of preconstruction, general contracting, and construction management services that are distinguished by the unique qualities of our firm. Across our work, our services model combines old-fashioned values of earning trust and team building with deep industry acumen derived from our firm’s self-performance across multiple trades and our insight into cost trends from working in the competitive-bid market.

We use the latest technology such as Building Information Modeling (BIM), 3D scanning, concrete scanning and drone photography to deliver complex, large-scale projects while meeting a diverse range of client and market needs. This includes the flexibility to perform to the highest standards using both the Construction Management at Risk and the Design-Bid-Build delivery methods.

“They are very well-versed in treating people the right way. We would definitely hire Colantonio again.”

Brian Langton
Director of Modernization
Somerville Housing Authority

What makes us different?

Self-Performance in 5 Trades

Firsthand knowledge of the work gives us an edge on minimizing costs, controlling schedules, and ensuring the highest quality.

Competitive-Bid Experience

Keeps us on the pulse of the most competitive pricing and subcontractors, and gives us a unique insight into the industry cost trends.

Old-Fashioned Values

A perspective of earning trust and team building that attracts talented subcontractors who are treated well, allowing competitive pricing and better schedule management.

“Thanks in large part to Colantonio’s exceptional Preconstruction and Construction phase services, the recently completed Mystic Water Works historic renovation was one of the most successful building projects I have worked on during my four-decade career.

Of course, a project of this complexity had its problems, but Colantonio’s team took the lead in resolving all issues quickly, fairly, and effectively.  I highly recommend Colantonio to anyone looking for a construction management firm that can successfully deliver challenging building projects.”

Larry Borins
Project Director
(formerly with Pinck & Co.)


Meticulous management that minimizes risk and ensures smooth construction processes.


Collaborative process led by experienced professionals that exceeds client expectations.


Accurate pricing, unparalleled experience, where everyone thinks like an owner.


Superior plan reviews, workmanship, and subcontractor management adding real value.