Colantonio provides unparalleled knowledge and intensity during preconstruction, when hands-on construction expertise can have the greatest positive impact on project cost and schedule. The results are meticulously developed estimates, schedules, and subcontractor bid packages that minimize exposure on all fronts and ensure a smooth construction process.

“From the day we selected Colantonio, it was evident we made the right choice. They immersed themselves in the preconstruction effort and drove the process to ensure the project stayed on budget and on schedule.”

Tom O’Neil
Northeastern Managing Director
Anser Advisory

Comprehensive, Accurate Estimating

Because we have the ability to self-perform across several trades, accurate estimating is a real advantage with Colantonio.

While we provide detailed estimates on all trades, we base our sitework and carpentry estimates on actual historical costs for sitework, concrete formwork and flatwork, drywall/metal stud, rough and finish carpentry, and any other carpentry-related items. Our estimates consider many factors that others may not, such as stockpiling, handling and disposal of materials, mobilizations, wage rates, etc., which reduces unanticipated costs down the road.

For sitework, Colantonio uses Insite Grading Software to understand the precise import/export requirements. We can then ensure that all appropriate investigation and testing work is done in advance and help the Design Team determine the most economical approach.  Our estimators analyze the cost impacts that sitework bidders will identify and structure the bid requirements in the most cost-effective manner.

Value Engineering

Colantonio continuously analyzes materials and construction details throughout Preconstruction to find cost-saving opportunities that do not impact the project’s look and feel.  We offer suggestions and create cost estimates for all options proposed by the team.

What initially seems like an “or equal” suggestion to save money up front may not be in the overall best interest of the facility in long-term value. We will make suggestions for alternatives in the following areas:

  • Alternative Manufacturers for Similar Products
  • Design Recommendations for Improved Constructability
  • Sustainable Products and/or Systems That Are Most Readily Available in the Massachusetts Region
  • Early Acquisition of Products and Materials That Are Subject to Volatile Market Fluctuations

Our overall goal is to provide all the features, advancements, and aesthetics the team desires within the project budget.

Plan Reviews

All members of our Preconstruction and Construction Teams, including our General Foreman and Project Superintendent, review the plans and specs to provide input on potential issues, given their particular areas of expertise and perspective. Our staff averages between 24 and 32 years of experience, which ensures an extremely thorough review from several different angles. This approach immerses everyone in the project details well before construction begins.


Our firsthand knowledge of associated costs clarifies the scope of work, which not only ensures more accurate subcontractor bids and competitive pricing, but also reduces exposure to change orders down the road.

“Chris Powers is a phenomenal asset to any real estate organization planning a complex project. His ability to assess, estimate, and present options for scope and project approach is exceptional. On top of these skills, he is a true team player.”

Margaret Wood
Project Director
Anser Advisory


Meticulous management that minimizes risk and ensures smooth construction processes.


Collaborative process led by experienced professionals that exceeds client expectations.


Accurate pricing, unparalleled experience, where everyone thinks like an owner.


Superior plan reviews, workmanship, and subcontractor management adding real value.