Project Description

This multi-phased project involved renovations to seven residence halls totaling 72,000 square feet.

Until August 2009, the Mara Village Complex consisted of seven residence halls – made up of 43 suites and housing a total of 300 students – and a Commons Building. These buildings are referred to as “Existing Mara Village”. The complex now includes the newly constructed Mara 8 Residence Hall, which was built by Colantonio in August 2009.

We worked closely with CBT and the MSCBA to assess the existing conditions and develop a design and cost proposal to for these life safety upgrades. During the initial investigations, it was found that the two lower dormitories did not have suitable water pressure to support a new sprinkler system. Accordingly, a new, 8-inch high pressure water line was installed to feed the existing buildings as well as the new Mara 8.

Colantonio worked the summers of 2008 and 2009 to upgrade the existing fire sprinkler system, fire alarm system and fire alarm panels in the dormitories and the Commons Building. Walls, ceilings and soffits were built to enclose the additional piping. All of the buildings in the complex were completely repainted, and work was finished ahead of schedule.

The summer of 2010 brought major renovations and upgrades to the Commons Building. It received a state-of-the-art game and entertainment room, a new campus mail room and a two-bedroom apartment for visiting faculty and staff. All of the bathrooms in the seven existing residence halls were completely upgraded with new floors, shower enclosures, countertops and sinks to match the bathrooms in the new Mara 8 Residence Hall.