State House Senate Chamber Renovations

State House Senate Chamber Renovations


Boston, MA
CBT Architects
12,000 SF
Delivery Method

Chapter 149 (44E 1/2)

Key Features

Historic Renovation

Occupied Building

No Interruption of Daily Operations

Project Description

Colantonio is performing historic interior renovations and infrastructure system upgrades to the 219-year-old Massachusetts State House Senate Chamber and associated Senate Lobby.  Check out this recent time lapse video:

The Senate Chamber, last renovated in 1898, sits directly below the golden dome on the third floor of the oldest and original part of the building, which was designed by Charles Bulfinch.  The work calls for the careful removal, restoration and re-installation of the interior architectural woodwork, stained glass and lighting fixtures, along with plasterwork repair and repainting.  The space is also long overdue for accessibility, HVAC, acoustics, and lighting systems upgrades.

Colantonio is charged with protecting the affected areas from construction and delivery impacts and eliminating disruption to State House daily operations while performing all demolition and construction work.

Other areas of work include the Senate Reading Room, Lobby, Catering Room and Work Room; and Governor’s Corridor.