Russell Street Elementary School

Russell Street Elementary School


Littleton, MA
Town of Littleton
DRA Architects
63,000 sf
Delivery Method

Chapter 149

Key Features

Phased Renovation

Occupied During Construction



Project Description

Built in the early 1960s, this 63,000 square building needed a complete overhaul.  Colantonio performed the work while the school was occupied by teachers, staff and students.

We upgraded its HVAC, plumbing, electrical, fire protection, fire alarm and tele/data systems and installed new windows, acoustical ceiling tile, vinyl ceiling tile, elevator and chair lift.  A new water service, electrical system, transformer and drainage system were also installed.

The kitchen/server facility received new major appliances, a new walk-in freezer and cooler, new plumbing, electrical and lighting in the ceilings. The floor was also refurbished. The café required a new heating system, lighting and electrical installation and painting. The platform area received new flooring, finished trim, theatrical lighting a chair lift and folding platform. Colantonio installed new ceilings in both floors.

The kitchen/café/platform work was originally planned as the fourth and final phase of the project, but Colantonio pulled it into the third phase to finish the entire project 64 days early.